Why Is NSU The Best?

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At NSU, we believe that an education in business and technology is a great investment in your future. We offer degrees and courses for students of all levels to help them get the most out of their university experience. One way we do this is with our co-op program where you can work while you study. This gives our students real world experience and makes it easier for them to find jobs upon graduation. If you want more information on how the co-op program works, read on!

As a student, you may be wondering why NSU is the best school for your needs. Well, if you are thinking about attending North Shore University in the future, let me tell you how it will benefit you! The first thing that attracts many students to this college is its size. At only 2200 students, it’s not too big and not too small. You’ll find several clubs and organizations here on campus which provide opportunities to get involved on campus as well as meet new people! It has an excellent science program with professors who are available outside of class hours to help students learn better or answer questions they might have about assignments or projects. And finally, there are some great athletic teams at NSU including men’s basketball and women’s

I think NSU is the best school because it has a perfect balance of academics, extracurriculars, and athletics. I love how professors are always happy to help you out with any questions you have. The campus is beautiful with ponds and green spaces surrounding it. There’s also an amazing gym that offers classes for all different levels of fitness. I can’t believe there are so many students who don’t even know about this school!

NSU is the best because we create opportunities for students to be more than just a student. We do this by offering clubs and organizations, as well as professors who are invested in our success. Some of these opportunities include: NSU Business Club, Entrepreneurship Society, Engineering Society, and the Student Government Association that has been running since 1968!
NSU also offers many majors such as: Business Administration (BBA), Accounting (ACC), Civil Engineering Technology (CET), Computer Science (CS), Elementary Education with Early Childhood Specialization (EES) and Secondary Education with English Secondary Concentration (ESS). This list goes on so if you’re still not sure where your major might be found then visit nsun.edu/ac